The quality of the process itself is vouched in all the segments by:

  • Top-quality equipment for processing (primary, secondary) by leading tobacco equipment manufacturers that also assist us with the equipment maintenance (Comas, Hauni, GD, ITM)
  • Streamlined production lines, possibility of creating and installing individual production parameters for every type of product
  • Professional human resource management and continuous training
  • Continuous monitoring & analysis of production and quality indicators

The quality of a finished product is also guaranteed by all the operations of our state-of-the-art laboratory, which boasts equipment procured from top manufacturers, who also assist us in the maintenance process. This investment did not end with the procurement: it continues through regular training and servicing.

The analytical procedures are done in accordance with the Coresta guidelines and the appropriate standards and regulations of the tobacco industry. Our laboratory’s high-end equipment and expertise enable us to vouch for the quality of our and your products by means of the following:

  • Continuous tracking of quality of raw material and intermediate goods procured or planned for procurement
  • Sampling regular production
  • Analysis of finished products, to include
    - Physical analysis, from the packaging to the tobacco blend structure
    - Chemical analysis, from the blend to the tobacco smoke