State of the art production facility

We do not keep our clients waiting for any above mentioned, thank to immense tobacco stock. Since recently and in line with market demands, we excel in private label production, brand development and cigarette materials procurement.

Quality control and equipment

One of the more important reasons why working with us is precisely our approach and understanding of quality, which is manifested through uniform quality at the highest level for all products produced and distributed by FDS. The quality of the process is guaranteed in all segments, and the top equipment for processin (Primary, Secondary) leading manufacturers of tobacco technologies, which we maintain in cooperation with them (Comas, Hauni, GD, ITM).

Experienced workforce

We have educated, experienced and innovative / creative human resources that offer quality and professional solutions to all business requirements. Knowledge and rich work experience have been transferred from generation to generation in our company. In addition to this heritage, our workforce is characterized by qualification, inventiveness, responsibility, team spirit and commitment to the company, which enabled sustainability and successes that are confirmed by our long history.