FDS d.d. is strongly dedicated to protection of privacy of all visitors of website. Access to the web site is free and provision of personal data is voluntary. On some parts of the website, personal information from you should be collected for certain purpose by means of online forms and emails when you send us information about yourself. The required information is exclusively needed or justified to provide services you requested.

FDS d.d. respects your privacy and processes your personal data in correct and lawful manner. Collected personal information is saved and processed electronically while appropriate technical, organizational and personnel measures of personal data protection are applied for such purposes.

On our website, we also offer you access to social networks which facilitate sharing of personal data. Therefore, you are requested to be acquainted with rules of personal data protection applied on websites of these social networks.

FDS d.d. shall not process personal data which facilitates contact with children over the internet, and shall not present content which might be attractive to children. Personal data provided by its website visitors, FDS d.d. shall not supply to third parties.

Until application of available personal data protection measures against accidental or intentional misuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized alteration or access, we do not guarantee that some of personal data collected by FDS d.d. won't be accidentally revealed at some point contrary to the Rules of privacy protection.