What is contained in cigarettes



Sarajevo Tobacco Factory currently produces 15 brands of cigarettes, which are grouped into several families (Drina, Aura, Code, Royal, Osmica, Diva, Tigra) ranging from full flavor to the super lights. U order to provide superior quality of our products and their recognition in the market, the tobacco blends and FDS- are made from selected, high quality types of imported and domestic tobacco. Our experts oversee the development of cigarette tobacco in the field, accompanied by his purchase and participate in the auction world, and carefully prepare your own mixes for each type of tobacco, respectively. Origin of the saying that tobacco is a major international tobacco regions because it included Flue - Cured Virginia from Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, China, from Burley Malawia, Brazil, India, Oriental tobaccos from Macedonia, from Maryland USA, Kentucky, and from Malawia Tobacco film world's most significant producers from France.


It is not neglected either domestic raw tobacco, so tobacco, Flue - cured Virginia and Burley in the region of Posavina, as well as semi-oriental Herzegovina Plateau with only around 35% of the recipes of our cigarettes. FDS provides significant technical and financial support for preservation of domestic tobacco production and improve their quality and value in use. In blendovima for making cigarettes, experts FDS using additives and aromas of the best known manufacturers in the world exclusively designed for the food industry, according to the GPP, GLP-GRAS and FEMA standards, with the aim of achieving the best quality properties that will satisfy fastidious tastes of our potrosaca.Prilikom use of all additives undergo rigorous quality control of the security service which includes the physico-chemical, sensory and degustacionu grade materials and finished products.


For more than 35 years, in the Sarajevo Tobacco Factory, is the department for making filter rods, which in the prewar period, the largest manufacturer of filter rods in the former Yugoslavia. Department of filter rods was fully restored after the war, the old production line were replaced by modern machines (Haun-Germany), and is currently being produced denija┼że different filters used in the tobacco industry. Filters are made of secondary cellulose acetate and are manufactured in various sizes from 60-120mm. Department of filter rods and filter products for the lights to create a program cigareta.Sirovine filters are imported from world-renowned supplier (Rhodia-Germany) and paper of different porosity, which is supplied by the Austrian firm Wattens the usual applicator glycerol-triacetate (triacetin).