The effect of tobacco on health




According to the World Health Organization, every year the world's 4 million people die from the consequences of smoking. It is estimated that this number up to 2020 could increase to 10 million deaths annually of which 85% of deaths would encourage people from poor countries.


World research shows that smokers with the possibility of heart attacks increased by 40 times. According to WHO data, people who smoke are subject to aortocoronary disease twice more than non-smokers, lung cancer is 12 times, 15 times bronchitis and laryngeal cancer 15 times. When lung cancer 100-percent correlation with the occurrence of the disease is smoking. According to research, smoking 20 cigarettes a day for a period of 20 years a smoker inhales an average of 6 kg of tobacco soot. The most common diseases that are backed by smoking are lung cancer and bronchial arterioskreloza, angina pectoris, gastric ulcer ...


According to latest data for myocardial infarction as the cause of death among people under 44 years strarosti of 20 cases as many as 19 were smokers. Proved the detrimental effects of smoking during pregnancy, which is manifested in the development of the fetus, frequent miscarriages, ... Passive smoking is almost as dangerous as active as one hour spent in a smoky room has the same effect as a cigarette smoked.




Every year about 1.2 million people in Europe die from the consequences of smoking, which represents 14% of all deaths. It is noticeable decrease in the number of deaths caused by smoking in the UK and the Nordic countries, while there was increase in the number of deaths in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, ie the developing countries. According to World Health Organization, up to 2020 the number of deaths in Europe could be more than 2 million per year (about 20% of all deaths). There was an increase in the number of deaths between the ages of 35-64 years, so chances are a fifteen to 65 years experience in developing countries for two times less than in Western countries.