Strategy for corporate social responsibility


As a socially responsible company we are present in all aspects of community lives, we understand their needs, we act for their benefits, and thereby for the benefits of our employees. We continuously develop our activities striving to be:

• the most desirable partner to associations and unions;

• the best employer to our employees;

• socially responsible company to our local community;

• the first choice for our consumers;

• Continuous growth to our investors.


Strategic commitment of the Tobacco Company of Sarajevo is maximum corporate responsibility and care about all stakeholders. Special attention is paid to the care of social community. This document shall:

1. define the direction of social responsibility regarding objectives the FDS wants to achieve in the future, where it wants to go and what are its aspirations;

2. define goals and guidelines for that commitment;

3. formulate a strategy by which these results can be achieved;

4. set forth methods for strategy implementation;

5. establish methods for result evaluation and initiation of corrective activities on the long run in light of to-date experience, altered conditions, new ideas and new opportunities.


Strategic direction – development of “social awareness”
of the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo


By evaluating opportunities in its surrounding, the community of Bosnia and Herzegovina needs support on all levels of the society which are of importance both for individuals and the entire community. As one of the major business systems in BiH, the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo has been profiled in a socially responsible company which invests in the future of BiH community by material, moral and any other types of the support.

Ethical conduct is an integral part of the organization, a way of life deeply anchored in the collective body of the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo. In every business endeavor of the FDS, the ethical conduct is a standard, i.e. business management that has been transferred from generation of employees to another at all levels of organizational charts.

The Management of the Tobacco Company of Sarajevo, from the top to the bottom, is responsible for setting examples by their personal conduct, attitudes and by creating the environment that not only encourages and rewards ethical conduct but also considers unacceptable anything less than that.

The main objective on the road to realization of this strategic commitment is the support to:

- Education

- Marginalized groups in the society

- Sport

- Culture

- Projects of environmental significance, public health, and other projects that contribute to added value of the community.


Strategy for Achieving Set Objectives

In accordance with the defined strategic commitment, the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo focuses its resources not only on marketing investments of commercial character, but also on projects that build values. The FDS continues demonstrating its commitment to development of the social awareness. In addition to the financial support to certain social communities and groups, the FDS invests into its employees through continuous education in the field of social responsibility.


Strategy Implementation


The Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo will continue to provide support to students, both the talented ones and those in need, through the FDS Foundation for awarding scholarships to students. The rules concerning the scholarship awards and all other rules are regulated in detail by the Articles of Associations of the Foundation.

      Marginalized groups of society

Sport clubs and associations in need of social community support with which the Tobacco Company of Sarajevo has developed a long-term cooperation are:

• Volleyball club of physically challenged persons “Fantomi”

• Center for children and youth with special needs “Los Rosales” Mostar

• Association for support to mentally challenged persons KS “Oaza”

• Art Workshop – Association for Cerebral Paralysis of Canton Sarajevo

• Association of mothers of children with special needs “Radost života”

• “Vladimir Nazor” Center


Taking into consideration that many sport clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina would not be able to work without financial support of corporate and state entities, the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo provides financial support to many sport clubs throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The major objective for supporting culture is protection of cultural and archeological heritage of urban development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and everything which contributes to the quality of life.

The concept by which the issue of ethics and social responsibility is regulated by liberal market economy and legal state system, allows corporate entities to do anything the system allows with peace of mind. The Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo is committed to a concept which does not vast responsibility in the hands of the system, but takes its own responsibility by applying high standards of ethics and moral in business decision-making notwithstanding what the “system” in Bosnia and Herzegovina allows.

Due to the lack of funds, but primarily the lack of sentiments and awareness for cultural heritage by the local authorities, and in light of previously mentioned arguments and statements, the Tobacco Company of Sarajevo will financially support the project of Reconstruction and Revitalization of Firuz-bey’s public bath (“hamam”) to create long-term benefits to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

     Other projects

Among other associations and institutions with which the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo has been developing long-term cooperation are the following:

- “Planet života” Vlašić

- Blood Transfusion Institute of the Federation of BiH

The FDS employees along with scholarship-awarded students of the FDS Foundation shall continue volunteering in the afforestation project of the Vlašić Mountain.

Also, the FDS employees will continue to participate in blood donation actions in cooperation with the Institute of blood transfusion of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Methods of results evaluation and corrective activities

Each project in the social responsibility area has its project manager whose main tasks include:

- Control of the implementation – project output measurement

- Comparison of measured output with the defined plan

- Provision of sufficient information for having realistic view of strategy implementation success in the form of photo documentation, reports, and general impression on project significance.

The aim of the control is to evaluate results of the implementation of strategic commitment by project managers.


Time frame

The strategy is defined for a time period of three (3) years.


Sarajevo, 17 August 2011

Company Director

Edin Mulahasanović, Dr.Sc.