1992-XXI century


In the life of Sarajevo Tobacco Factory, from the moment of its founding, until now, we can distinguish several periods. The first is the Austro-Hungarian period, characterized by integration of plant in the general objectives of the Austro-Hungarian authorities had in our region. The second is the period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, which, due to the monopolistic relationships of power in Belgrade, there was a significant, decline in factory work. The third period is a significant AVNOJ Yugoslavia, in which the Sarajevo Tobacco Factory achieved remarkable business results, regardless of the often extremely adverse conditions, which are created sometimes difficult to explain the action of the environment. It is in this period, which lasted less than fifty years, the Sarajevo Tobacco Factory personnel and material is extremely strengthened, and fully integrated into the European and world trends in the tobacco industry.


Through 130 years of its existence, Sarajevo Tobacco Factory has passed through periods of extreme success, but also falls, which have regularly been the result of actions from the outside. Certainly the most difficult period of the Factory is a time of war 1992nd-1995th year. Although badly damaged due to war, Sarajevo Tobacco Factory still can not stop working. Cigarette Factory of these, the four-year siege of Sarajevo, was all and the pressing need, and loose, and tender. War assortment of cigarettes, which are packaged in packaging as never before, and nowhere was not used, pack of cut tobacco and pipe tobacco, testify not only about the life of a factory in this period, but also the life of a city.


The Tobacco Factory Sarajevo so far have produced different kinds of cigarettes: Damen, Hercegovina, Bosnia, Guslar, Drina, Sarajevo, Mostar, Neretva, Stefanija, Foca, Flor, Vrbas, Morava, Sarajka, Start, Sutjeska, Zeta, Internacional, Ibar, Drava, Morava-red, Drina-denifine, Lara, Skend, Marlboro, Bond, Alfa, Sedef, Special, Wind, Bosnae, Drina jedina bijela (jedina), Drina jedina zlatna, Drina lights (gold), Drina super lights (silver), AurA extra (red), AurA lights (gold), AurA super lights (silver), Tigra medium, Multi Nova, Osmica, Royal light (white), Royal blue, Code red, Code blue, Code sky, Diva slims, Diva violet slims and Royal blue slims. Cigarettes are, like everything, adjusted the time. Some are short-lived in the market, some again because of its quality lasts for decades, like the famous Sarajevo's Drina.