Sarajevo Tobacco Factory is one of the first industrial companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Chronological overview of its history shows us some important moments from its founding to today.



- The factory was established in the area of Mary's house, then the outskirts of Sarajevo

- Started the production of so-called. cut tobacco in a facilitated (a device for hand-cut tobacco) that the first two years of the factory was the only product that it produced



- In the factory begins production of cigarettes on hand-operated machines

- First cigarettes were called "Damen", "Kingdom" and "Bosnia"



- Product range has been extended and new types of cigarettes that are produced are "Guslar", "Drina" and "Sarajevo"



- Continue to expand product range with the production of cigarettes "Mostar", "Narenta", "Stefania", "Foca" and the other, so that the factories to the First World War reached the range of 23 types of cigarettes



- The use of the first machine for automatic production of cigarettes

- Use the first electrically driven machines for cutting tobacco


Until World War I the factory has exported 90 million cigarettes in Japan and China. They were made special orders for European courts.


World War I passed without interruption.


Between the two world wars, the production amounted to 360 - 1000 tons of cigarettes annually.


During World War II the factory did not stop working.


In the postwar period when the factory was established in his own school for training of personnel. The result of education and training of personnel was a design of packaging machines (packer and packer group) and cellophaning cigarettes (cellophaning).

Inventor Šaćir Glibo constructed a machine that is packed 22 500 cigarettes in 1 hour compared to 12,000 units by packing machines previously used.


The machines are manufactured in a factory and sold to other manufacturers of tobacco, and 1961st were given, and international recognition.


Growth in demand for products demanded greater production, which was made possible only by enlarging the capacity of the factory. Because it starts building a new factory on the new site - Pofalići.



- Sarajevo Tobacco Factory moved to a new site-Pofalići



- Produced the first filter cigarettes



- Started the production of filter rods



- Completed the second phase of construction and modernization of factories in the same locality.

- Entered into a licensing agreement between the FDS and "Philip Morris" on the production and sale of cigarettes "Marlboro" and "Bond"



- Acquired the first sophisticated machines for processing information - mini computer, its supply of the financial services practice began the process of computerization and FDS-


1977 - 1982

- Arrangements were made export cigarettes "Samsun"



- Most modern boiler in FDS-in. With a brand new sophisticated equipment, increasing capacity by 100% to obtain process steam for manufacturing processes and space heating to switch to gas as fuel.



- Executed a partial modernization in the preparation of tobacco in cooperation with the "Philip Morris"-om



- Started working on the feasibility study on the purchase of FDS and by "Philip Morris" and



- Produced 5122 tons of cigarettes, of which 50% of license



- Begins with aggression in Bosnia and led to significant damage to the factory

- Shall cease to apply to all contracts, "Philip Morris"-om

- Within three months of production is dislocated in the basement, and without interruption to the end of the war



- Ending the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Cigarettes production is 1638 tons



- Production is 2348 tons

- Starts the production of cigarettes in a hard pack



- Produced 11 types of cigarettes in the total amount of 3667 tons



- Produced 12 types of cigarettes in the total amount of 4140 tons



- Open a museum FDS



- Promoted a new product FDS-a - cigarettes "8"



- CODE, a new product of the FDS was launched

- CODE CLUB was founded



- Royal, a new product of the FDS was launched



- 125th anniversary of the brand and cigarette “Drina” denifine

- The decision on establishing the Foundation of the Tobacco Factory of Sarajevo for awarding scholarships to students was made



- Extensions of the Code brand: Code Red and Code Sky were launched



- FDS first slim cigarette - Diva slims was launched